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About Hoppn

Connecting You to Authentic African Flavors

Welcome to Hoppn, your gateway to a world of authentic African cuisine and culture. A startup founded by Francis Onu in July 2022 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Hoppn was initially launched as an on-demand delivery app, bringing convenience and accessibility to users seeking a wide range of products from local stores. Today, we are proud to be relaunching Hoppn in the USA, driven by our passion for sharing the vibrant flavors, rich traditions, and diverse heritage of African cuisine with the world.

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Our Journey

From Local Success to Global Expansion

Hoppn's story began in Port Harcourt, where we quickly gained traction with over 160 registered vendors and successfully completed over 700 deliveries. However, as with any entrepreneurial journey, challenges arose, and we made the difficult decision to temporarily shut down our operations in Port Harcourt. But this setback only fueled our determination to bring the Hoppn experience to a wider audience. Now, based in the USA, we are excited to embark on a new chapter and continue our mission of connecting people to the authentic tastes of Africa.

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Our Mission

Bridging Cultures Through Food

At Hoppn, we believe that food has the power to transcend boundaries, unite people, and celebrate diversity. Our mission is to bridge cultures by offering a platform that showcases the richness and authenticity of African cuisine. We are dedicated to curating an extraordinary culinary experience, delivering not just delicious meals but also a glimpse into the vibrant cultures and traditions that inspire each dish.

Values That Guide Uss



We are committed to preserving the authenticity of African cuisine, working closely with local African restaurants and vendors to ensure that every dish is crafted with traditional ingredients and techniques.



We believe that everyone should have access to the diverse flavors of Africa. Through our platform, we strive to make African cuisine readily available, no matter where you are.



We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of the Hoppn experience, from the ingredients used in our dishes to the seamless ordering and delivery with pickup



We cherish the community that surrounds food. Hoppn aims to foster connections, not only between our users and vendors but also among individuals who share a love for African cuisine

Join Us on a Culinary Adventure

At Hoppn, we invite you to embark on a tantalizing journey through the diverse flavors of Africa. Whether you're craving Jollof Rice from Nigeria, Injera from Ethiopia, or Bobotie from South Africa, our platform connects you to the best African restaurants and vendors in your area. Discover new tastes, support local businesses, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of African cuisine. Come, explore, and savor the vibrant flavors of Africa with Hoppn. Let us be your guide to a world of culinary delights that celebrate tradition, ignite your taste buds, and bring people together.


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